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Help Desk Software - Brochure

Download the PDF version of this brochure from our website:

A brief synopsis of NetHelpDesk

NetHelpDesk is an IT software company that produces a help desk software solution. The solution is sold to a global Customer base on most continents. Initially written for IT companies and departments, the product has developed to fit any industry, and can essentially be used by any company that needs to track requests or tickets.

The capability of the software extends far beyond this, and continues to develop based on Customer feedback to the needs and requirements of individual companies.

NetHelpDesk is an entirely UK based, owned, developed and supported software, started over 20 years ago, and is used in over 18 countries by over 55,000 users globally.

NetHelpDesk, as a company, is a proactive one that listens to its Customer base, and responds to a dense and ever-changing marketplace.

NHD, as software, provides an extensive, full-featured, rich application, at a competitive price, as well as exemplary support to all Customers in all areas, from technical assistance, to training and so on.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Bespoke Development
No software fits your needs perfectly. Among the many options in the marketplace, most organisations find that one that fits between 80-90% of their requirements. At NetHelpDesk, we take the extra step to help make it 100% percent. Tell us what you need prior to ordering, and we will add the functionality in for you as a condition of that order. This is usually free of charge, and delivered within 28 days of the order being placed. If we don’t deliver what we say we will, you can just cancel the order, without obligation.

Personal Dedicated Team
When joining NetHelpDesk, you will be assigned an Account Manager to look after your account, as well as a dedicated Technician. Our team are invested in making NetHelpDesk a success, and so we really do care about your business, and what is best for you. Your success is our success. As you grow, so do we.

All Modules as Standard
Our competitors are all too-ready to charge you to use additional functionality, so by the time you get the system you need, you’re paying far more than expected. We give you all modules, and all functionality, as standard. If we add new functionality for other customers, and your Maintenance contract is up-to-date, you get the option of using that functionality as well.

First Class Professional Services
We provide a premier application, and we have a team of consultants ready to assist in your transition to NetHelpDesk. They can assist with absolutely anything NetHelpDesk-related, which includes, but not limited to On-Site Implementation & Customisation, On-Site and/or Remote Training, Process Streamlining, Data Migration, and Third-Party Application Integration.

Customisable to any Industry
NetHelpDesk was initially written for IT MSPs. However, NHD can be tailored and customised to literally any industry or company type. Some of our customer base includes Restaurant chains, Energy Management companies, Educational sector, and many more outside of IT.

Key Features

Ticket and Asset Management
Everything you could want from a ticketing system, NetHelpDesk does incredibly well. With extensive CRM capabilities, multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tracking and escalations, customisable statuses, request types, Custom Fields, the list goes on and on. We offer sensible suggestions “Out of the box”, and can help you add in bits you need, and strip out the parts that don’t.

With end-user web portal, technician web portal, mobile apps for smartphones, and web publishing, you can also take your help desk on the road with you.

Billing Engine
Two of the lead developers of NetHelpDesk’s billing capabilities used to be in Finance, one of which was an Accountant. We understand that how you bill your Customers is unique, sometimes complex, and sometimes very simple. We cover a wide range of billing options, and integrate with QuickBooks and Sage. Your Accounts team will love you for choosing NetHelpDesk, as you will significantly reduce their admin burden.

Calendar 2-way Synchronisation
We interface with Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendars, so that you can book appointments and planned dates in tickets, add them to an NHD calendar, and push these to your Calendars. You can also pull in your existing entries on your Calendars into NetHelpDesk. If a NetHelpDesk appointment is updated in either, it updates the other entry. True 2-way synchronisation with your Calendars.

Professional Services Automation (PSA)
Manage your Suppliers, your contracts with them and the SLAs in place with them. Monitor Stock for physical items, and services that you sell to your Customers, with cost analysis. Raise personal customised quotations to your Customers, straight from tickets, or separately. Convert quotes into Customer Sales Orders in one click. Add miscellaneous items on the go. One click ordering of stock or services from your Suppliers, and raising Purchase Orders for these. Even add consignment notes once the item is dispatched.

Endless Reporting
Yes. We really do mean that. You have full access to the Database back end to write all of your own reports, using a Reporting Software. We also provide a customisable data analyser to produce endless reporting on all data stored in the NetHelpDesk database, and you can do this all yourselves, without interaction from us. However, if needed, basic report writing is included in your Maintenance package, and more complex report writing available at a small charge, should you not have resource to do this yourselves.


“After trialling, and even investing in a number of helpdesk systems, we were beginning to think our requirements were unusual, or maybe that our expectations were too high. We had a bad start with AutoTask, and wasted further time with a number of other systems which, on the surface at least, appeared to meet our needs.

I stumbled across NetHelpDesk, and very nearly discounted it, as it seemed too good to be true. After a quick demo in my own time, I bombarded them with a list of questions, and a description of my ideal solution. They responded promptly, with a confident ‘yes’ to all my questions, and they backed this up with a demo to prove it.

We’ve been using the product now for several months, and unlike every other system we have tried, NetHelpDesk has kept all of its promises.

If you’re in the market for a full-featured, flexible and easy-to-use helpdesk solution, you should speak to these guys. They are far too modest about how capable their system is, support is handled directly by their own developers in the UK, and there are no hidden extras, like price premiums for the web portal and mobile apps.

The price is spot on, and it just works."
Ross Edwards, Proactive ITS, UK

“With our unique combination of several hundred internal and external technicians, and large volume of internal customers spread out over a wide geographical area, NetHelpDesk has been well-suited for our needs.

The flexible billing and inventory components are a big improvement over our previous helpdesk implementations.

Support has been outstanding, beginning with the demo and continuing on as we are approach our 2nd year using NetHelpDesk. Everyone I deal with is knowledgeable and friendly and I always get the answers I need.”

Ken Waller, GPM Southeast LLC, Wilmington, NC, USA

As part of our strategy to insource our ICT team, we needed to purchase a Service Desk Solution to ensure we delivered best in class service to our internal clients both at our main location and satellite sites.

We required an intuitive, smart tool that would aid the desk to work with an informative system to collate and progress our workload to fruition. After an extensive market review we selected NetHelpDesk, The simplistic format is extremely user friendly which provides the Desk with the right information.

NetHelpDesk also provide a great customer service within their own Helpdesk, ensuring queries are fully understood and a suitable timely answer is provided.

Linsey Smith, ICT Portfolio & Quality Manager, Intu Properties plc. UK


We are one of the only Help Desk Software companies on the market who are transparent with their costs. It is commented on time and again, that this is a rarity. We believe in not confusing the situation, so you know where you stand at all times.

NetHelpDesk prices include all features as standard. We sell you the exact number of licences you need.

We offer extensive professional services, including site visits to your premises anywhere globally.

Tell us the number of licences you need, and we can tell you the exact price in your currency.

For all Charities, Educational Institutions and Non-Profit organisations, we offer a 15% discount.

All prices exclude any applicable taxes, such as VAT in the UK.

United Kingdom Headquarters
Wharfside House, Prentice Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk. IP14 1RD

United Kingdom and Ireland: +44 (0)1449 833 111
United States of America and Canada: +1.646.741.2094
South Africa: +27 (0)10 500 8123
Australia and New Zealand: +61 (0)3 8 820 5182

Company Number: SC216980. VAT Number: 789 2048 87

Contact us to discuss with our team what you are looking for.

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