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Features Overview

  Help Desk System:-
  • Keep details of users, their requests and problems.
  • Track change and installation requests.
  • Log actions taken to deal with requests.
  • Escalate overdue calls.
  • Be informed of significant events and service outages.
  • Log calls via e-mail, web browser or phone/fax.
  • View statistics and SLA compliance details.
  Intelligent Network Diagrams:-
  • Show equipment at sites and how it is connected.
  • Store details in a user definable database of information.
  • Cross reference to external documents and web sites.
  • Ping and control network equipment.
  Service Status Reporting:-
  • View the operational status of services in real time.
  • Users and support staff can see at a glance, via 'traffic lights', the status of backups, virus checkers, network resources, UPS and any other service you define.
  • Integrate to your own service infrastructure and third party monitoring tools and scripts.
  Knowledge Base:-
  • Search through resolutions of problems that have become the searchable knowledge base.
  • Set a review schedule to manage the information to ensure validity.
  Change Management:-
  • Record what has been changed to solve future problems.
  • Process change requests via a workflow approval cycle.
  • Track Software versions.
  Service Level Agreements:-
  • Monitor agreement and set fault response time targets.
  • Produce statistics, reports and export data to spreadsheets.
  • Real Time colour coded SLA Monitor
  • Link equipment to an SLA
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