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NetHelpDesk Reseller / Partner / Affiliate Program

As our customers build up their own expertise on how to use NetHelpDesk, it makes sense that we offer a facility for them to sell the system onto their own customer base. 

NetHelpDesk is extremely versatile, and can be put into many support environments including HR departments, Carpentry Businesses, Property companies, the list goes on and on.

Basically, our customizable Request Type and Action Button, Categories, Custom Fields and so on, allow the system to be applied to anywhere that needs to track a topic, from conception to archive.

NetHelpDesk partners with organisations from both a technology and business perspective. The goal of these alliances is to fuel innovation, drive technology and industry leadership, and broaden the market opportunity. It also adds value to the NetHelpDesk brand, and our related services, that is reflected in our partners' respective offerings.

Standard NetHelpDesk Reseller Program

The standard program is for those who want to sell NetHelpDesk to their Customers, but want NetHelpDesk to support them, Essentially, working as a reference point, as your Customers trust you and your team, and have little information on NetHelpDesk.

Some of the benefits include:


  Purchase NetHelpDesk Licences at Discounted Rates, to resell at whatever price you like.  
  Or sell at RRP, but have percentage (%) reduction in Support Renewal, or Additional Licences.  
  Customizable Request Type Entity with unlimited Custom Fields they can use.  
  Prioritised Access to the NetHelpDesk Development Path.  
  Translation Facility for the web portal, for Customers using different languages.  

White Label Reseller Program

We also have a White Label NetHelpDesk option for resellers. The idea is that you become experts in NetHelpDesk, and are able to provide 1st level support to the Customers you sell NetHelpDesk to.

You sell to your Customers, but purchase the licences from us, as a good discounted price.

As well as the benefits of the standard program, it can also provide additional revenue streams by offering Consultancy / Level 1 support.

It allows you to rebrand NetHelpDesk under your own product name, and have your own splash screens and icons. All the great benefits of NetHelpDesk, with your corporate image.

Contact us to discuss with our team what would work for your Customers.

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