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Help Desk Software - Testimonials and Case Studies

We have over 20 years trading history, our help desk software is installed in over 18 countries, and is used daily by over 55,000+ active users worldwide.

We have a database full of satisfied Customers, who have given us permission to pass on their details as a reference contact. They already benefit from our powerful support software everyday!

We don't ask for testimonials straight after a sale, during the "honeymoon" period. We ask after NHD is established in our Customers' businesses, and then ask for feedback on the whole experience.

So please, let us know your location and industry, and we will happily send you a relevant reference contact.


Case Study: RHM Telecommunications  


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK  

"We started looking for a new help desk software towards the end of 2012. We’re not an IT company, I am not a “techie”, but would describe myself reasonably competent. We wanted something that we could populate quickly, customise and setup ourselves. We went with NetHelpDesk’s hosted platform, and took advantage of their professional services.

NHD has really revolutionized the way we deal with service enquiries, and it puts us streets ahead of the industry norm in terms of client communications and enquiry recording/auditing. We’re working with them now to add in features we would like to see as the product moves forward, and booking in our yearly site visit to help us streamline our practices. From the initial enquiry, to present day, we rate their service 10 out of 10."


Steve Roberts, Premia Solutions Limited, UK


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK  

"As part of our strategy to insource our ICT team, we needed to purchase a Service Desk Solution to ensure we delivered best in class service to our internal clients both at our main location and satellite sites. We required an intuitive, smart tool that would aid the desk to work with an informative system to collate and progress our workload to fruition. After an extensive market review we selected NetHelpDesk.

The simplistic format is extremely user friendly which provides the Desk with the right information. NetHelpDesk also provide a great customer service within their own Helpdesk, ensuring queries are fully understood and a suitable timely answer is provided."


Linsey Smith, ICT Portfolio & Quality Manager, Intu Properties plc, UK


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK 2  

"We switched to NetHelpDesk after 14 months of problems with another product that never really delivered. The guys at NHD spent many hours helping us to get the demo set up, with no hard-sell or pressure. We're not a massive outfit, 12 licenses, but nothing was too much trouble for them in helping us to trial the software properly.

I've been in the helpdesk industry for 25 years, and have tested or used dozens of software packages, and I can confidently state that the guys at NHD are the best I've come across when it comes to support, both pre-sale and post-sale.

NHD has worked very well for us. All in all, an excellent product. As a helpdesk system, it's the best product I've seen in recent years (and I've looked at many products!)."


Phil Battrick, Managing Director, Strategic IT Management Ltd, UK.


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain US  

"With our unique combination of several hundred internal and external technicians, and large volume of internal customers spread out over a wide geographical area, NetHelpDesk has been well-suited for our needs.

The flexible billing and inventory components are a big improvement over our previous helpdesk implementations.

Support has been outstanding, beginning with the demo and continuing on as we are approach our 2nd year using NetHelpDesk. Everyone I deal with is knowledgeable and friendly and I always get the answers I need."


Ken Waller, GPM Southeast LLC, Wilmington, NC, USA


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK 3  

"After trialling, and even investing in a number of helpdesk systems, we were beginning to think our requirements were unusual, or maybe that our expectations were too high. We had a bad start with AutoTask, and wasted further time with a number of other systems which, on the surface at least, appeared to meet our needs.

I stumbled across NetHelpDesk, and very nearly discounted it, as it seemed too good to be true.

After a quick demo in my own time, I bombarded them with a list of questions, and a description of my ideal solution. They responded promptly, with a confident ‘yes’ to all my questions, and they backed this up with a demo to prove it.

We’ve been using the product now for several months, and unlike every other system we have tried, NetHelpDesk has kept all of its promises.

If you’re in the market for a full-featured, flexible and easy-to-use helpdesk solution, you should speak to these guys. They are far too modest about how capable their system is, support is handled directly by their own developers in the UK, and there are no hidden extras, like price premiums for the web portal and mobile apps.

The price is spot on, and it just works."


Ross Edwards, Proactive ITS, UK


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain Canada


"I just want to thank both of you for the excellent support that I have received over the past few months while testing NetHelpDesk.

I also wanted to thank Paul and the developers for implementing the changes that I had requested even though we hadn't purchased the software yet :) It has been some of the best customer service I have ever received."








Christopher Fey, FYidoctors, Canada


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain US 2


"The software is incredible. We are so much more efficient and effective Help Desk with NetHelpDesk handling our tasks, projects, time entry, and QuickBooks billing.

The only thing more impressive than the software is your programming team who are taking great care of us.

They have added two options to the latest version that will make us an even better IT support company. Companies just don’t do that anymore.

Your customer service level is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish at Guardian Computer. With your help, we may actually get there."








John Prejean, Guardian Computer, LA, USA


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK 4


"Since we started using NetHelpDesk, it has evolved the way we work, making us more efficient, and made our clients happy as we are more responsive. Being able to view HTML emails with full formatting and pictures is great. We couldn't previously find a helpdesk system that fit our budget, and was of any use.

We're amazed that NetHelpDesk is so cost effective and ‘snazzy’. Support was excellent through the trial, and it's the same people that support you after sales.

We are very pleased with the solution, and love the way that it is constantly growing with new features to simplify the paperwork side of the helpdesk, which lets Technicians concentrate on technical issues."








Dan Walker, Cara Networks, UK


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain Ireland


"From the outset, their team were extremely supportive as we made the transition from our old system to NetHelpDesk. Now we can accurately track our engineering support time, which has dramatically improved our billing levels!

Our Customers can finally follow their support calls online, and the customisable e-mail response function has vastly improved customer communication levels.

We are also delighted with the range of reports available, so we can quickly see how customers are utilising their support time.

We highly recommend NetHelpDesk to any organisation who requires a helpdesk solution.”








Bryan Corden, Operations Director, Deycom Computer Services, Ireland.


Case Study: Siemens  


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain South Africa


"I was amazed at the service and attention received from NetHelpDesk staff while we were not even a Client yet, we received excellent service and still do.

The support team makes the experience easy and joyous. the helpdesk software product itself is user friendly and easy to understand, can get intricate sometimes but that’s what the support team is there for, and they do an excellent job.

Keep up the good work NETHELPDESK!!!"








Errol Hendricks, Nebula, WC, SA.


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK 5


"When searching for a help desk solution, we needed a solution that was flexible, and allowed us to meet the demands of the ITIL framework. NetHelpDesk has delivered the goods. Thanks!"








Mike Prince, Vale Royal Council,, Winsford, UK


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain US 3


"NetHelpDesk has been a revelation in our business. The more we use this help desk software, the more we see uses for it, and the more we like it. 

We searched hard for a suitable product, but your software was well worth waiting for. No contest."








Bill Bryant, SDS Inc. New York, USA..


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK 6


"Since implementing NetHelpDesk, our profitability has more than doubled. 100% of all work is now billed for, and with the facility to extract data into our accounts system, admin time is kept to a minimum."








Chris Martin, Shackleton Technologies, Dundee, UK.


NetHelpDesk Help Desk Software Great Britain UK 7


"NetHelpDesk has helped us to pass an audit for BS15000, and has provided the platform needed to be working in an ITIL environment.

An excellent product, offering exceptional value.








Ken Holmes, Amber Valley Housing, Derby, UK.



"Many thanks for your prompt responses, and your great support.

It's great to be able to pick up the phone, and speak directly to a member of your solution development team."








Marcy Englund, ARMC, MD, USA.


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