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NetHelpDesk can scale from a simple shared file based database system to an SQL server based system. You can choose your platform as required and migrate upwards at no extra charge from us.

All options support access to the underlying database via any ODBC/OLE DB reporting tool you may optionally want to use. e.g. MS Access or Crystal Reports.

Option A. Use Microsoft's file based Access database tables and Microsoft's ADO database engine.

ADO is freely available from Microsoft and ships with NT service packs, Office 2000 and Internet Explorer 5. This can support a number of concurrent users and does not require that each PC has an Access license.

This is a sensible low cost option for a smallish number of technicians.

Option B. Use Microsoft's SQL server database and ADO. This is suitable for a larger number of concurrent users and gives better performance over WAN resources. It requires a SQL server license, although the MSDE (a free cut down version of MS SQL server system) is available with the web based module of NetHelpDesk.  This also comes with Office 2000 pro.

This slightly more complex option is a good choice where SQL server performance and reliability is required.  We can assist you with the upsizing process if required, but it is straightforward.

CPU and RAM specs
All options run on a 32bit Windows PC with a minimum of 16mb of RAM and a Pentium processor. (NT/'95/'98/2000/XP/2003).

Escalation Process
An optional escalation process allows new requests, overdue requests or other significant request life cycle events to be alerted to technicians or managers via a 'tool-tray' icon or via E-mail.

Email Interface

Emailed requests from end users are sent through your email to a NetHelpDesk POP3 mailbox.  The email is examined and a new request added to the database.  The email is acknowledged and technicians alerted. 

WEB Interface

The Web Interface to NetHelpDesk runs as a cgi program. This runs on IIS 3 and above which ships with NT server / W2K etc.  It may also run under other servers such as Apache and Netscape servers.

The Web browser can be Internet explorer, Netscape or any HTML 3.2 capable browser.

A live demo of the web interface is available on this web site .